Community Connections

We occasionally partner with local organizations to host community events and workshops at Blue Jay Lake Farm, especially in our lakeside campground area. If you are interested in partnering with Blue Jay Lake, please contact us.

Events and organizations that we have worked with in the past include:

- Hosting swimmers of the Nine Lake Swim (August 2014, organized by Friends of Cortes Island Society). Four swimmers tackled swimming all 9 of Cortes Island’s freshwater lakes in one day to raise awareness and funds for the stewardship of Hague and Gunflint lakes. Three of those 9 are on Blue Jay Lake Farm.

- Adventures in Leadership campout for youth aged 10-12 (June 2014, sponsored by the Cortes Community Health Association).

- School groups (ongoing): Groups from the Linnaea School and the public school on Cortes have been hosted for visits and campouts including farm tours and educational activities.

Visiting Blue Jay Lake farm

Blue Jay Lake is a private residence and farm with a 3 km long driveway that needs to be maintained by those living here. Please call us at 250-935-6940 if you'd like to visit. Walk, ride or carpool if you can.

Visitors, please respect farm biosecurity: Do not bring any food (especially apples), soil, or animal products into our farm. Thank-you for helping us protect our animals and food crops from pests and diseases.

Please find a map, and directions to the farm through our Contact page.