The Knoll House

The Knoll House is a handcrafted, wooden interior home perched on a hill overlooking the farm. The 1500 sq. ft. house has 2.5 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a small adjacent garden (with potential access to more space for avid gardeners).

The home is off-grid and uses solar panels and hydro electricity from the small creek nearby. It is heated by a wood stove. Cooking amenities also include a propane refrigerator and propane stove and pantry. The washroom has a shower, bath and composting toilet. There is a well-stocked woodshed and workshop space/storage area outside in addition to plentiful storage in the house. Hook-up to satellite internet is possible.

We are looking to live with others who enjoy the rural lifestyle, are eager to participate in farm projects, want to live in community and are interested in living a simple life without many modern conveniences. Sharing in the milking livestock would be an expectation for those living on the farm.

Please contact us to inquire about current availability.