Round House

Not currently available.


The roundhouse is an open-concept, 28′ diameter, octagonal shaped home. It was originally built in Whaletown in the ’70’s by a group of hippies, lived in by almost everyone, and then abandoned. Henry took the roundhouse apart and reassembled it at Blue Jay Lake farm, fixing it up as he went.


The roundhouse has a kitchen, open living space, wash-up area with a bathtub and sink, outdoor composting toilet and an upper loft for sleeping/living. Its property consists of the house, porch, woodshed and a large fenced-in garden with a winter creek running behind it. There are propane lights, a propane fridge on the porch, a propane stove in the kitchen, and a choice of a woodstove for heating and cooking. The water is heated by a solar heater and through the wood stove. During the dry summer months electricity is very limited. From October-ish to around June electricity is available through the farms off-grid hydro system.


We are looking to live with others who enjoy the rural lifestyle, are eager to participate in farm projects, want to live in community and are interested in living a simple life without many modern conveniences.


Island folk, city folk, single folk, couples, and family are all welcome! This home is perfect for a sabbatical, retreat from your daily grind, or for people looking to put down some roots (ask about long-term possibilities).


Please contact us to inquire about current availability